Inspired Writings of a Prophet

by: Gregory A. Booker

It all began on a day in April 1990 when Gregory A. Booker was reading “Sermon on the Mount”. Meditating on God’s words and His righteousness, he began to slip into a very deep trance. He found himself unable to move while what looks like a prophetic vision was laid before him. Booker further wrote,


“Suddenly, I had an eerie and yet profound feeling that someone was hanging on that stake and that someone was me. I remember asking myself, "Why am I thinking of me hanging on a stake if I am laid upon the ground." Attempting to stand, I could not! As I raised my head and eyes, I came upon the feet and then the knees. It was dusk, but I was determined to see the waist, then the torso. I truly felt that I could see myself hanging on the cross. I felt dead and yet I was alive.”


Booker pens a remarkable work speckled with gems of wisdom and insight in Inspired Writings of a Prophet. Resonating with the trying times, Booker shares his prophetic letters with the genuine intention of bringing remembrance to the blessed hope and the earnest expectation for Christ return.


After the humbling experience, Booker continued to study the Prophetic Word of the Lord. On May 16, 1990, while at work in his private office, a voice came upon him and said, “Now write what you have come to know.” Without hesitation, he wrote his first prophetic letter titled ďThe Necessity of the Return of Godís Chosen PeopleĒ , and so began the groundwork of his faith and calling to minister Godís prophetic word.


The illuminating read includes the four letters of prophetic utterances representing a condensed version of Booker’s earlier work, the “Seven Letters Detailing the Prophetic Framework of the Return of Christ”. In addition, Inspired Writings of a Prophet is a book that includes a collection of the authorís christian based experiences, with poetry and other articles of exhortation and encouragement. It is a prophetís cry forewarning America and yet forearming to the Churches as a watchman who stands at the gates of Israel and sounds the call for the righteousness of God. What should be obvious, obviously is not! Let us as Christians remember our first love and not be found sleeping. This book is written to revive the love for Christ return!